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What to do if your image is ‘cut off’

    Let’s fix cut off images

    Struggling with images getting “cut off” after unzipping a folder? Fret not, you’re not alone in this dilemma. At times, unzipping a folder may cause images to appear truncated, creating a frustrating experience. But fear not, solutions are at hand! We’ve encountered and tackled this issue before, and we’re here to guide you through it. In this blog, we’ll unravel the mystery behind images getting clipped upon unzipping folders. Get ready to understand the reasons behind this glitch and discover the simplest solution to ensure your designs remain intact for cutting.

    The simplest solution

    Firstly, when you download your files, they’ll head straight to the downloads section of your device. The design arrives in a zipped folder, needing extraction first (on a computer, right-click, then select ‘extract’). Upon opening the zip folder, you’ll find various file formats inside. If previews are available, this is where you might notice the image appearing ‘cut off.’ If this occurs, right-click to open the file, or alternatively, drag it into your chosen cutting software like Cricut Design Space, SCAL, or Silhouette Studio. Once loaded, the full design should appear and be ready to use. If problems persist after loading, double-check if you’ve selected the correct file format for your cutting software—Design Space uses SVG, while Silhouette Studio uses DXF in the free version. If issues persist, contact the designer for assistance, as there might be an unnoticed error in the file.

    Problem resolved

    To conclude, encountering a partially loaded preview doesn’t usually impact the overall image; it’s typically complete. Using the file as usual should result in the design functioning perfectly. Nonetheless, persistent issues despite trying different formats warrant reaching out to the creator for specific guidance and support. At Dottie Digitals, our commitment extends beyond delivering files; if you face any challenges, our dedicated support team is just a message away. We prioritize resolving issues promptly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is paramount; thus, contacting us here ensures personalized assistance tailored to address any concerns, ensuring your seamless experience with our files. You can also contact us via social media on Instagram @dottiedigitals.

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