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What size should my decals be on t-shirts?

    Decal Sizes For T-Shirts

    Maximizing Design Versatility with SVG Files for Custom Apparel

    SVG, an acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics, is a remarkable file format that stands out in the world of design. Unlike traditional formats like PNG, SVG files possess the unique ability to maintain their impeccable quality regardless of size adjustments. This inherent scalability empowers designers to unleash their creativity, crafting designs that are adaptable to virtually any size that your cutting machine can handle.

    When it comes to custom apparel, the size of a decal plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired aesthetic. The flexibility of SVG files allows you to explore a wide spectrum of design dimensions, from petite to grandiose, catering to your specific preferences and requirements. Let’s delve into some recommended approximate sizes for different apparel types:

    1. Smaller Fitted T-Shirts (e.g., Ladies’ Tees): If you’re creating designs for fitted t-shirts, a 9×9 inch design is a perfect starting point. This size strikes a balance between style and comfort, ensuring your design complements the garment’s proportions.

    2. Adult Size Small to Medium General T-Shirts: For adult size small and medium t-shirts, an approximately 11×11 inch design works wonders. It provides ample space for your design to shine without overwhelming the shirt’s front or back.

    3. Adult Large T-Shirts: Stepping up to adult large t-shirts, consider a design of 12×12 inches. This larger canvas allows for more intricate and eye-catching designs, making a bold statement on the wearer.

    4. Extra Large Shirts: When designing for extra-large shirts, don’t shy away from going even larger. A size of at least 12×12 inches or more is ideal. Embrace the vast surface area to create impactful designs that command attention.

    5. Pocket Decals: Pocket decals, those charming accents that adorn the upper chest area, typically measure around 4×4 inches. This compact canvas provides an opportunity for subtle yet stylish design elements.

    6. Sleeve Designs: Sleeve designs, often seen on long-sleeve shirts, should span approximately 2 inches in width and 11 inches in length. This elongated format allows for unique graphics that enhance the overall look of the garment.

    All of the above just guidelines, you can choose your own sizes to best fit the design you are working with.


    SVG files open up a world of possibilities for custom apparel designers. Their scalability ensures that your designs maintain their pristine quality, whether you’re creating a small, intricate logo or a bold, oversized graphic. By embracing these recommended size guidelines, you can effortlessly align your designs with the aesthetics of various apparel types, letting your creativity soar without limits.

    Remember, when incorporating SVG files into your design workflow, you’re not just creating graphics; you’re crafting wearable art that speaks to individual style and expression.

    Unlock the potential of SVG files today and elevate your custom apparel game to new heights!

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