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Smiley Starbucks Cups

    Smiley Starbucks Cup

    Skill Level – Beginner 

    Number of Layers (colors) – 1 to 3

    Time – 30 minutes


    Create this delightful Smiley Face design on your 24oz Starbucks Cold Cup using only a couple of colors of vinyl. With its charming yet straightforward design, this project is perfect for those with intermediate crafting skills. The finished product will add a smile to your face with every sip.

    Materials Needed:

    • Smiley Cutting File
    • Premium Vinyl
    • Standard Grip Vinyl Transfer Tape
    • Weeder
    • Scraper
    • 24oz Starbucks Cold Cup
    • Scissors


    1. Cut out the vinyl using 1 to 3  different colors of your choice following depending on how you want the cup to look.
    2. Carefully weed your vinyl.
    3. Place transfer tape over the top of one of the layers, rub over it with the scraper, and carefully remove the backing paper.
    4. (If cutting in more than one layer). Align the pattern with the other layer and rub down again so that both colors are on a single backing sheet.
    5. Remove the backing paper and align your design with your Starbucks Cold Cup.
    6. Remove the top layer (transfer tape) then add your drink of choice!


    • Ensure the project surface is clean and dry before applying vinyl.
    • Position the transfer tape with vinyl images onto the surface as desired for the best layout.
    • Begin rubbing the transfer tape onto the surface from the center and move outward towards the edges for smooth application.
    • Peel off the transfer tape from the vinyl at a 45-degree angle for clean removal.
    • If the vinyl adheres to the transfer tape, re-rub it onto the surface and continue peeling the transfer tape away from the vinyl.

    With just a few materials and a touch of joy, you can transform your Starbucks Cold Cup into a delightful accessory that’ll bring a smile to your face with every sip. So, gather your supplies and let your creativity shine! Shop the cutting file here!

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