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How to make money from empty Starbucks cups

    Making Money From Empty Starbucks Cups

    Easy How To

    Are you a coffee enthusiast with a penchant for Starbucks? Does your daily coffee run to your favorite Starbucks location seem like a costly habit? Imagine if you could turn those empty Starbucks cups into a money-making venture, potentially creating a profitable side hustle or even a full-fledged business. Starbucks, a beloved coffee chain, has been popular for years, and now, with their eco-friendly initiatives, they offer reusable cups that not only reduce waste but also provide discounts when used.

    But how can you turn this eco-conscious practice into a source of income? The answer lies in customized reusable Starbucks cups, which are currently in high demand. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

    1. Get Your Reusable Starbucks Cups: Begin by visiting your local Starbucks and purchasing a batch of empty reusable cups. These cups are the canvas for your creativity.

    2. Design Your Custom Cups: To add a personal touch to these cups, you’ll need a vinyl cutter and designs. You can find pre-sized designs online, making the process easier for you. Simply cut out these designs and apply them to the cups.

    3. Choose Your Sales Platforms: Now that you have your customized cups ready, it’s time to find the right platforms to sell them. Here are some recommendations:

    – Facebook: Utilize Facebook Marketplace or create a dedicated business page to showcase and sell your cups.

    – Instagram: Leverage Instagram’s visual appeal to promote your cups. Use relevant hashtags and engage with potential customers.

    – Etsy: Set up an Etsy store to reach a broader audience of online shoppers who are specifically interested in unique and handmade items.

    4. Marketing Strategies: Besides online platforms, consider promoting your cups through word of mouth. Physically showing your products to people in real life can be a powerful sales tactic.

    5. Diversify Your Designs: To stay relevant and capture a wider audience, think about creating different designs and styles for various events and occasions throughout the year. This will help you cater to the preferences of your target market.

    6. Licensing Considerations: If you’re using designs purchased from other sellers, be sure to carefully read and understand their licensing agreements. In contrast, when you get designs from your own site, rest assured that they come with a commercial/business license, allowing you to produce and sell as many physical items as you desire.


    Turning Starbucks cups into a profitable venture is not only eco-friendly but also financially rewarding. By customizing reusable cups and marketing them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy, you can create a thriving business. Remember to stay creative, adapt to market trends, and ensure you have the appropriate licensing in place. Your Starbucks cups could become your ticket to a successful side hustle or business endeavor.

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