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How to make perfect Christmas candy holders every time: A step by step guide.

    How to make perfect Christmas candy holders every time: A step by step guide.

    Creating beautiful and functional Christmas candy holders can truly elevate your holiday décor. They make the perfect festive gifts when you add either a Lindor chocolate or a candy lollipop to them. Whether you’re looking for a crafty DIY project or simply seeking inspiration, mastering the art of making these candy holders can add a special touch to your festivities. Here are a few foolproof steps to ensure you craft perfect Christmas candy holders every time:

    1. Gather Your Materials

    To start, collect materials you will need:

    • Vinyl cutter
    • Your chosen colour of cardstock 
    • SVG cutting file
    • Glue / Double sided tape
    • Markers
    • String / Ribbon
    • Decorative elements
    • Lollipop or chocolate.
    Personalised Reindeer Candy Lollipop Holder SVG PNG DXF Cutting Paper Craft File Digital Download Cricut Silhouette

    2. Choose a Design

    Consider the theme you want for your Christmas candy holders. Click here to browse our full range of candy holders, select a design that resonates with your holiday spirit.

    3. Cut the design

    Use the svg file in your chosen cutting software (Design Space, SCAL, Silhouette Studio etc.) Choose your card, cut then weed the design.

    4. Assemble

    Fold the card to assemble the candy holder. Be sure to add in your chocolate or lolly now. Use glue or tape to secure the edges and ensure it holds its shape.

    5. Decorate

    Get creative! Use markers, glitter, stickers, or any other decorative elements to add flair to your candy holders. Personalise them with names or messages for an extra special touch.

    6. Display

    Arrange your candy holders as part of your holiday décor. They can be placed on the Christmas tree, on the dining table, or as part of a decorative centerpiece.

    8. Spread the Joy

    If you’ve made multiple holders, consider sharing them as gifts or stocking stuffers. They’re not only delightful decorations but also thoughtful presents.

    Remember, the key to perfect Christmas candy holders is to have fun and let your creativity flow. Each one you make will carry a bit of your holiday spirit, making them a cherished part of your festive celebrations. Happy crafting and happy holidays!

    For more festive crafts check out our ‘Boho Christmas Trees’ design. Available for: Starbucks 16oz Hot cup, Starbucks 24oz Cold cup, No hole 24oz cold cup, Starbucks 24oz Acrylic tumbler and both 16oz & 20oz Libbey cans!

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