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Cricut Cutting Mat Colors Explained

    Cricut Cutting Mat Colors Explained

    When using your Cricut machine there are 4 main options of cutting mat you can use. Choosing the correct one is important to get the right results. These mats are compatible with both Cricut Explore Air and the Cricut Maker but do bear in mind that the Cricut Explore Air does not cut all the materials that the Cricut Maker can.

    The first point to know is that each of the Cricut mats were created for different materials and purposes. Each of the four mats has a different level of grip, some are made with a strong adhesive for heavy projects and others are made with a light adhesive to ensure that your project doesn’t get damaged by any rips or tears.

    The Green Standard Grip Mat

    The Green Standard Grip Mat is perfect to use for most of your crafting projects. The green mat uses a standard grip adhesive which can be used for materials including:

    • Vinyl
    • Iron on Vinyl
    • Cardstock
    • Embossed Cardstock
    • Lightweight Cardstock
    • Patterned Paper

    Blue Light Grip Mat

    The Blue Light Grip Mat uses a light adhesive grip and is perfect for crafting with thinner more delicate materials which you don’t want to get damaged by rips or tears during cutting or the removal process. This mat is perfect for materials including:

    • Vinyl
    • Washi Tape Sheets
    • Wrapping Paper
    • Vellum
    • Lightweight Cardstock
    • Copy Paper
    • Construction Paper

    Purple Heavy Grip Mat

    Crafting with a thicker material? The Purple Heavy Grip Mat will be your best friend. This mat uses a strong adhesive to hold your material firmly in place. TOP TIP! When cutting with materials including woods and leathers you can use painter’s tape or washi tape to secure your materials so they won’t move. This mat is perfect for materials including:

    • Thick Cardstock
    • Glitter Cardstock
    • Poster Board
    • Magnet Material
    • Leather
    • Faux Leather
    • Chipboard
    • Fabric With Stiffener

    Pink Fabric Grip Mat

    The Pink Fabric Grip Mat is designed specifically to help you cut fabrics. The adhesive on this mat is designed to keep your fabrics down. TOP TIP! Try avoiding touching the sticky part of this mat with your hands, this is because the adhesive doesn’t react well with oil. This mat is perfect for materials including

    • Fabrics
    • Felt
    • Bonded Fabrics
    • Crepe Paper

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