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Purchase pre-sized SVG files for Starbucks 24oz Cold Cups!

    Purchase pre-sized SVG files for Starbucks 24oz Cold Cups!

    Pre-Sized SVG Wraps for Starbucks 24oz Cold Cups

    If you’re the proud owner of a Cricut or any other vinyl cutter, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the captivating world of custom Starbucks cups. What was once a simple drink container has now evolved into a creative canvas for personalized designs, making it an ideal addition to your craft business or a heartfelt gift for loved ones. Notably, numerous successful online stores specialize in selling Starbucks cups adorned with unique designs.

    If you’re interested in creating or selling these eye-catching Starbucks cups, you’ll need to acquire the right files. These files can be effortlessly downloaded and uploaded to your cutting machine, streamlining the process of creating stunning designs. But with a plethora of options available, navigating this landscape can be bewildering. That’s why we’ve compiled all the essential information you need when buying Starbucks cold cup files.

    Why Should You Opt for Pre-Sized Files?

    Investing in pre-sized files for your crafting projects can prove invaluable for several reasons. Crafting novices may find crafting their own SVG file designs a daunting task. Even seasoned crafters can struggle with determining the precise measurements required to ensure their design fits perfectly, without wasting any vinyl.

    By opting for pre-sized files, you can bid farewell to guesswork and save time that would otherwise be spent on trial and error. Moreover, pre-sized files are often crafted by professionals with a keen eye for design, guaranteeing that you receive a top-notch product that aligns with your standards. Whether you’re embarking on a personal project or stocking up for your craft business, purchasing pre-sized files is a wise investment.

    At, you’ll discover that each file is pre-sized and scaled for your convenience. However, it’s important to acknowledge that some cutting software might distort the measurements. That’s why we provide a supplementary text document with exact dimensions for you to double-check against. Ensuring accuracy is crucial because even the slightest deviation can impact the final result.

    We understand the significance of precision and accuracy in crafting, which is why we take great care in furnishing you with the essential information to ensure your project turns out just as you envisioned. By taking a moment to review the included dimensions, you can spare yourself the frustration of a poorly executed design and relish in the satisfaction of a flawlessly crafted project.

    Furthermore, it’s worth noting that some sellers may require you to purchase a commercial/business use license separately, potentially incurring additional costs and causing confusion. We aim to simplify this process by including the license with every file purchase, so you can create with peace of mind, knowing you have the legal permission to sell your products without restrictions.

    To procure SVG files tailored for Starbucks cold cups, simply click here.

    It’s essential to be aware that various cup templates are available, so ensuring you select the correct one for your cup is paramount. For instance, the files offered on our website are meticulously designed for official Starbucks 24oz Cold Cups, complete with a hole cutout to accommodate the cup’s logo (please note that we do not sell the logos). However, we also provide SVG files tailored for other Starbucks cup variations, including the hot cup and the acrylic tumbler. Furthermore, we offer designs for the same measurements as the cold cup but without the logo gap, featuring solid pattern designs. This flexibility allows you to use our designs even if you don’t utilize Starbucks cups. Choosing the right template ensures your design fits snugly and looks its absolute best

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